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HPECO Materials: 100% Silicone coated surface.

HPECO materials composite from silicone elastomer  • Fabrics  • Films  • Foils  • The silicone 

elastomers are designed and developed as per your requirements  • Chemical  • Electrical properties 


• We are expertise in product performance and process performance

SALIRONE, is a better choice for products which will technologically require a stylish design with 

physical, chemical and electrical performances in an excellent way.  We understand the dynamic of 

your industry and will work together for a unique competitive edge.

HPECO Materials Silicone Seriers @ Medical


Leveraging our raw material design capability with fully controlled process development and integration 

on films, fabrics, foils, papers and metals, that we provide a wide range of application options.


• Contains no peroxides, peroxide by-products and chlorophenyls,etc

• No organic plasticizers, phthalates or latex additives

• Anti-allergy, Anti-bacteria and Mould-proof

• Temperature extremes resistance

• UV resistance

• Ozone resistance

• Extremely resilient to mechanical fatigue

• Excellent compression-set and creep resistance

• UL flame ratings compliance

Salirone offers material development for customers according to their needs on application and their expectation, we will design, validate and produce materials for any specific requirement.  

For any further information, please contact Salirone team.



HPECO materials are reliable on colorfastness and UV resistance.  Customized colors could be made according to Pantone or customer request.





Pattern and Texture

The pattern and texture for HPECO materials are made according to the related industrial standard.  Please contact Salirone for any other customized pattern design if required.





Structure & Thickness

HPECO materials structure is integrated by two silicone layers and substrate materials ( Microfiber, Polyester fibre, etc).

Silicone layers thickness from 0.15mm - 0.3mm; Substrate thickness from 0.3mm - 1.2mm.

For any other composite material options or thickness required, please contact Salirone for further discussion.





Key Technical Data

HPECO material brings a variety of excellent mechanical and chemical characteristics, including High/Low 

Temperature Resistance, 

Tearing Strength, Seam Strength and Torsion Resistant, etc.


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